Standard Features


Front Brush Guard:

A custom stainless steel tubular front brush guard with aluminum diamond plate skid plate to help protect the front grill of truck.  Options: 2″ receiver hitch, permanent mount winch, ground sweep nozzles, front remote control monitor, and LED lighting. Click here to watch video


A winch  can be mounted and wired to the place/ places specified by the department.

Lettering/ Striping:

Custom lettering and striping can be provided on the door, windshield, hood, and bed.

Interior Options:


A center console can be included between the front seats with spots for binder tray, radio, and/or front monitor remote. Click here to watch video

Backseat :

The backseat can be converted into a rear air pack seat/ shelving/ a winch carrier/ an air pack rack/ a co-poly storage box.


A  custom copolymer fabricated NFPA baffled tank with or without 8” under tank storage. The fill tower will be located in the front or back of tank.


The specified pump can be mounted in the rear of the truck and can be plumped directly to the fuel tank on the chassis.

Scotty Around the Pump:

A Scotty Around the  Pump can be added to the tank and pump.

Hose Reels/ Hoses/ Hose Bed/ Nozzles:

Electric rewind or manual rewind hose reels can be added with the specified hose and nozzles.

Custom Tool Storage Boxes:

Custom storage boxes can be added to the customers needs.

Stokes Basket Carrier:

A stokes basket carrier can be mounted on the passenger side, rear on truck, on top of tank, or in a transverse compartment.