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About Us 

1st Attack Engineering, Inc.™ was formed as a result of the President, Jeffrey Cook working as a volunteer firefighter for fifteen years. He envisioned a need to provide innovative design and safety features that can only come from experience in this field. Therefore 1st Attack Engineering, Inc was formed as a result of his vision to build and design emergency vehicles for the fire and emergency services. With his long history of working with all types of off-road vehicles and his experience in fighting field and brush fires, Jeffrey’s vision to design and develop efficient equipment for the fire industry was born.

In 1995, Jeffrey built his first fire truck conversion for an Auburn, Indiana-based Fire Department. That department is still utilizing their brush truck conversion and Jeffrey’s vision to continue to develop efficient equipment for the fire and emergency industry lives on. 1st Attack Engineering, Inc. has since designed and built fire and emergency vehicles. Each vehicle provides unique features based on the customers’ needs that can only come from years of experience and real field experience.

The design and development of off-road firefighting equipment has progressed to include many different off-road rescue units from the smaller, more mobile rescue unit of the M.E.R.V.™ (Mini Emergency Response Vehicle) to the lightweight, two trucks in one, Co-poly Off-Road Fire Rescue.

After being in business for 20+ years, 1st Attack Engineering, Inc. is still striving to be a one-stop shop for all emergency, rescue and firefighting needs.


Founder & President


Jeffrey Cook, owner and president of 1st Attack Engineering, Inc. has been working on vehicles as far back as he can remember and has been recognized for his projects in many trade magazines throughout the years. He started helping in his father’s auto body repair and paint shop at a very early age. Soon, area car enthusiasts sought out the duo for restorations of their own. Jeffrey’s eye for detail impressed his high school auto mechanics teacher, who requested that Jeffrey do work for him as well.

After high school, Jeffrey attended Northwestern College, a trade and technical school, where he graduated with honors and later expanded the family business. He began building custom four-wheel-drive trucks for friends and customers.

In 1991 Jeffrey began working as a volunteer firefighter. He served in various officer positions, and was awarded a Fifteen Year Service Award for dedication to his department.

In 1992, as a crew member for the Nitemare Monster truck racing team, he was redesigning suspension systems. It was here that he discovered his driving abilities, and began driving for the team. After nine months, he accepted an offer to drive for the Overkill Racing Team. In 1993, Jeffrey decided to build and campaign his own truck the War Wagon.

When Jeff wasn’t touring with his monster truck, he continued building show trucks. Including Silly Willy and Lil Squirt, which have been featured in magazines and other trade publications.

It was in 1995, that Jeffrey built his first brush rig for a volunteer fire department. He received considerable fanfare, which inspired him to start designing and developing safer and more efficient emergency vehicles. In 1999, Jeffrey and his wife Jody formed 1st Attack Engineering, Inc. For more history on Jeffrey please visit wildmanjeff.com

20 Years of Serving the Fire Industry


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“I just wanted to tell you what an awesome job you did with the truck, this
completely surpassed all expectations we had and we are very much looking forward to a long life with this apparatus.”

Eric McDaniel-Fire Cheif-Knightstown Wayne TWP Fire Department

“The guys are very pleased with the craftsmanship and quality of the work 1st Attack provided. It was exactly what we were expecting to get.”
Brad Zimmerman-Fire Chief-Summit Station Fire

“…What a pleasure it was to work with you and your company to design, and purchase our new brush truck…the rear seats are a great idea. Firefighters are seat belted in and under a roll cage. Also, to enter and exit the seat was only about a 12 inch step to the ground. These safe and practical features were a major factor in our company’s decision to purchase your vehicle. We have several areas with hill we have to climb to access the fire. If the vehicle was to roll over, I am quite certain the rear seats will save someone’s life. I would just like to say that the members of Pennsville Fire & Rescue CO. 1 are very pleased with our Wild Fire Brush Truck.”

Charles Kidwell- Deputy Chief Pennsville Fire & Rescue CO. 1

“…On behalf of the Allison Fire and Rescue and the Allison EMS services, thank you for providing exactly what you were promoting in your website. It’s nice to do business with people that say what they mean and do what they say, and you did this perfectly…”
Nate Kluiter Quality Control Manager Allan Industrial Coatings

“Thank you again for the purchase of our Brush Truck… Doing business with you was a pleasure, and we were all impressed by your knowledge and craftsmanship…”
Jim Kreher-Asst. Cheif Fox River Grove Fire Prot. Dist.


“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the Johnson Township Grass Truck!! Those firefighters are so proud of that truck and so very grateful for your hard work…”
Virgina Elick

“I finally had time to make the fender and bumper cuts today to get new tires and wheels installed. Very happy with them.”
Kenny Rayroux- Super Single Wheel Purchaser

“365 days. 121 emergent responses. 1,878 miles. 35 hours and 18 minutes of active pump time. As of today, Brush 95 has been in service for one year. In that short amount of time, this
apparatus has helped save numerous homes, vast amounts of property, herds of livestock, and even human life. While the face value of fire department purchases are sometimes overwhelming, it’s incredibly important to remember the return-on-investment that is experienced. In July of 2017, the Momence Fire Protection District decided to invest in the 12,000 citizens that we serve by purchasing Brush 95 from 1st Attack Engineering Inc. Given the events of the past year, that investment has paid off time and again. Taken over the past year alone, the overall cost of Brush 95 comes out to just $0.01 per resident of the Momence Fire Protection District for each day that the apparatus has been protecting our community. This cost of less than one penny per resident per day equates to just $0.0006 over the expected lifetime of Brush 95. With such high stakes, doesn’t this seem a small price to pay for the safety of yourself and your neighbors?”

Momence Fire Protection District 9018

“Thanks for all the hospitality that you and Jeff offered for us during this
entire truck purchase. The guys love the truck and everybody who stops by keeps going on and on about the craftsmanship of the metal work. You guys are truly professional in your work and it shows. I will continue to market you guys everywhere I can. You guys build a one of a kind truck that obviously was built by someone with firefighting experience, which isn’t found by the larger dealers. Keep up the good work! I assure you that map in your office will have little red pins all over the US in no time!”

Danny Hill-Wade Community Fire Department

       “Jeff I would acknowledge our sincere appreciation for building and delivering our new truck in Samburg Tn. The truck exceeded all of our expectations. This is truly a state of the art build. Thank you for your          hospitality and expertise. “
         Brent Work

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