1st Attack Engineering, Inc. builds custom off-road emergency vehicles like wildfire brush trucks, grass rigs and brush pumpers that incorporate innovative safety features and custom options to make our off-road brush fire trucks the safest and most efficient emergency vehicles on the market.

     Our types of emergency vehicles include the Fast Attack (features jump seats with hand lines and safety belts), Brush Rescue (features storage space with a water tank and pump), Co-poly Off-Road Fire Rescue (features lightweight body with storage, including a transverse compartment, with a water tank and pump), Aluminum Flatbed (comes with and without man wells), Slide-in Units, Chief Command, Multi-Mission (ideal for hunting), and M.E.R.V. (Mini Emergency Response Vehicle, which is perfect for use in crowds and sporting events). Our Super Single wheels are designed to replace factory dually wheels.

     At 1st Attack Engineering, Inc. we will work directly with you to accommodate your department’s specific emergency vehicle needs. To learn more about our many products browse our web site or contact us directly.

Below are trucks we have built, if you hover over the red dot it will tell you the name of the fire department.

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